Monsignore Georg Austen confirmed as Secretary General of the Bonifatiuswerk

Msgr. Georg Austen (Photo: Hiegemann)
Msgr. Georg Austen (Photo: Hiegemann)


Monsignore Georg Austen (60) will remain the Secretary General of the Bonifatiuswerk for a further six years. In agreement with the German Bishops’ Conference, the General Executive Committee of the diaspora aid organisation appointed the Chief Executive for a third term of office, which will begin on 1 March 2020. As Secretary General of the Bonifatiuswerk, Austen, together with another member of the board, is responsible for the management of the charity and is accountable in his activities to the Bonifatius Council (the supervisory body).

Commitment, passion and network

"No aid organisation can do good if its interests are not managed wisely. With Monsignore Austen we have a Chief Executive who, through his commitment, passion and extensive network in the Church, politics and culture, has further developed the Bonifatiuswerk with regard to its traditional help for Catholics in the diaspora and repositioned it with a view to the Church of tomorrow. I am pleased that Monsignore Austen will remain with us for another six years as Secretary General and that we will be able to carry on this successful path with him with total continuity," said the President of the Bonifatiuswerk, Heinz Paus.

Austen regards his re-appointment as a special sign of appreciation and trust. "With my strengths and previous experience I will continue to serve the people in the diaspora. I am grateful for the trust placed in me, for the committed cooperation with the committees and colleagues and for the positive feedback on projects that we were able to support with donations. Even in turbulent and stressful times, I would like to help shape a Church of today for tomorrow, in which people feel that faith is a blessing for them personally and for the community that unites them," said Austen.